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Special Needs

The Coffee House Prom

Your Funding Support through United Way of Rockbridge

Your goal is to support families and individuals to be healthy. So, the United Way of Rockbridge works to make it easier for families and individuals to access quality health-care programs, access nutritious foods, and take advantage of supportive services.

Blue Ridge Legal Services

UWR funding helps to cover a portion of the cost of providing free legal assistance. Overall during the previous year, BRLS obtained 212 outcomes for 213 clients benefiting 525 low-income people in the community. They recovered $66,388 in lump sum benefits for these clients while avoiding over $58,606 in claims and liabilities against them. In the 42 cases involving on-going representation, they successfully achieved their clients’ goals in 90% and partially achieved them in the remaining 10%. 77 cases were for families with children ages preschool to 3rd grade.

The Coffee House of Rockbridge

On a monthly basis the Coffee House of Rockbridge provided monthly evenings of entertainment, snacks/meal, social interaction, and networking for individuals with developmental, cognitive and physical disabilities for ages 16 and older. Last year The Coffeehouse averaged 57 participants. 10 to 12 volunteers assist at each monthly event; three of the events are funded by UWR. Right: The Coffee House Prom

Talking Book Center

The new full time TBC Supervisor is expanding programming for the visually impaired. Last May, TBC was recognized with the National Library Service Sub-regional Library of the Year award for 2018. 2019 saw the start of the TBC book club and summer reading challenge. Many patrons took advantage of the book clubs held at the local Rockbridge Regional Library and utilized TBC for not only a copy of the discussed book, but time and location of the book club event which was delivered to the TBC patrons in a user-friendly format. TBC works together with the Rockbridge Regional Library Bookmobile for outreach.

Valley Program for Aging Services UWR funded four programs at VPAS during the 2018-2019 year.

  • Pilot program/A Matter of Balance - 27 Rockbridge County residents participated in Matter of Balance classes in Rockbridge Baths and Steeles Tavern. New Tai Chi for Arthritis and A Matter of Balance classes were planned for Maury River Senior Center this spring but were postponed due to COVID-19.
  • Pilot program/Dementia Education - Over 225 people attended the 18 sessions offered on Dementia Education.
  • Medicare Counseling - 158 Buena Vista residents, 67 Lexington residents, and 336 Rockbridge County residents received Medicare Insurance Counseling. By understanding their most cost-effective options for prescription drug plans, local residents who received Medicare Insurance Counseling saved $81,736 in medication expenses in 2019. United Way funding provided counseling for 109 individuals.
  • Meals on Wheels - 57 Buena Vista residents, 17 Lexington residents, and 27 Rockbridge County residents (unduplicated individuals) received Meals on Wheels. 18,912 meals were served to 101 residents In FY 2018-2019. VPAS collects information annually from a survey and 89% clients report being able to remain independent in their home with the assistance of Meals on Wheels. Meals are delivered hot and freshly cooked. The food delivery also serves as a wellness check for residents

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