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Special Needs

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United Way works for a healthier America

Whether mental illness or addiction, United Ways are working to ensure everyone has access to affordable and quality care.

United Way of Rockbridge's Goal

United Way of Rockbridge’s goal is to support healthy families and individuals. 

United Way of Rockbridge's Strategy

Achieving our goal requires us all to become more aware of health risks and the potential effects they have on our community. We work to make it easier for families and individuals to access quality health-care programs and access nutritious foods.

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United Way of Rockbridge's Work

United Way of Rockbridge funds the following agencies in their programs focusing on growing healthy families and individuals:

  • Blue Ridge Legal Services
    • Blue Ridge Legal Services provides free legal assistance in civil (not criminal) cases of critical importance to low-income residents of the Rockbridge area whose adjusted household income is less than 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. United Way or Rockbridge funding helps to cover a portion of the cost of providing this free legal assistance.
  • The Coffee House of Rockbridge
    • Coffee House provides an opportunity for individuals with cognitive, developmental, and physical disabilities an opportunity to meet and socialize with each other to build community bonds and social networks, reducing the feeling of isolation and social withdrawal many experience on a daily basis.
  • Talking Book Center
    • Talking Book Center provides audiobooks and magazines to patrons that are not able to read conventional print books. 99% of survey respondents indicate that receiving Talking Book service improves the quality of their lives.
  • Valley Program for Aging Services
    • Matter of Balance Fall Prevention Program  -  This is an evidence-based program that encourages participants, in 8 2-hour sessions, to admit and address their fear of falling, to identify situations in which as fall is more likely, to be willing to ask for and accept assistance when needed, and to remain active and engaged in their communities. 
    • Virtual Dementia Tour Program  -  Virtual Dementia Tour is a key part of Valley Program for Aging Services’ community education focus to better equip individuals to navigate aging well. Virtual Dementia Tour uses specially designed equipment to provide participants with an understanding of the visual and mobility barriers usually affecting those with dementia, along with an aural simulation of the thought and reasoning disturbances they generally experience. 
    • Meals on Wheels Program  -  Meals on Wheels delivers freshly prepared lunches five days a week to homebound older adults who are unable to prepare or lack the resources and supports to provide their own meal.  A daily visit at a predictable time gives recipients, most of whom live alone, the opportunity for interaction with another person and the peace of mind that someone will know if they are ill, have fallen, or are otherwise in distress. 
    • Medical Insurance Counseling Program  -  Valley Program for Aging Services is the only source of consultation, from how and when to sign up, to the choice of options, to issues with obtaining service. Demand for these services is increasing as the population ages.