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Funding Process

The purpose of the Fund Distribution process is to allocate the net proceeds of the annual United Way campaign to maximize the resources available to agencies addressing the health, welfare and social service needs in Buena Vista, Lexington and Rockbridge County.

Our goal is to assist safety-net agencies that serve to support the health and welfare of our residents, as well as agencies that have programs and projects related to the UWR community impact initiative of strengthening education, beginning with early childhood.
The Allocations Committee, with the assistance of Community Reviewers, is responsible for reviewing all programs and requests during the fund distribution process. The Committee consists of three Board members and two nonmembers. The United Way President, and Executive Director will be ex officio members. Committee members may serve no more than three consecutive years. All actions of this committee are subject to approval by the United Way Board of Directors.

Allocations Timeline (subject to change)

Late January - Call for proposals.

Late February - Funding applications due.

Throughout March - Volunteer community reviewers review applications and visit program sites.

Early April - Community reviewers present and make recommendations to Allocations Committee. The Allocations Committee decides on grant amounts.

Early May - The Board of Directors reviews the Allocation Committee decisions and funding allocations are announced!

Application Help and Forms

Agencies are encouraged to strengthen applications by demonstrating efforts and submitting programs that support early childhood initiatives and healthy families within our community. Upon receipt of application, volunteer UWR Community Reviewers visit each agency for one-on-one information gathering. This strengthens the application process and allows Community Reviewers to make enhanced recommendations to the Allocations Committee.

UWR Funding Applicants - Application forms may be downloaded here:





Cover Letter

Or, to request these application documents please utilize our Contact Form or call (540) 463-4482.