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Annual Report/Financial Information

Financial Information

You know that helping meet the most critical human needs requires collective action and not just individual action. So, United Way of Rockbridge brings together citizens, community leaders, business, the faith community, government, non-profit organizations and other institutions to support our community. Through United Way of Rockbridge, your gift supports local agencies and programs that would not otherwise exist. 
United Way of Rockbridge engages community reviewers to identify community needs. Community reviewers visit local agencies, review their proposed programs, review their financial information, and determines their impact in the community to recommend a funding amount each year. The local volunteer board then reviews and approves the decisions. The executive director leads fundraising efforts and distributes the funds under the oversight of the board. Learn more about the board here and learn more about how to become a community reviewer here.
Allocations by Program Area Count

Percentages based on the number of programs in each impact area for 2018-19:


Allocations by Funding Amount

Percentages based on the funding amount for each impact area for 2018-19:


Financial Highlights

Annual Goal - $250,000

2018-2019 Gross Campaign Results - $264,604

2018-2019 Agency Allocations - $219,108

Additional Special Grants

Because of the generous gift of the Ellen Charske bequest, we were able to grant these additional needs of our community in this past year.

To learn more about these programs, view the tabs under "Our Work"

Rockbridge Area Relief Association - $18,000 toward the purchase of a new truck

Boxerwood Education Association - $18,000 toward the completion of a new lodge roof

Blue Ridge CASA for Children - $4,000 to provide a Child Trauma-Informed Court System Program

Financial Documents