Daniel Dickman

Dan Dickman

Daniel (Dan) Dickman earned his bachelor's degree at SUNY Oswego University where he studied Economics and Psychology. As part of a school mission trip to Haiti Dan realized he wanted to spend his life helping people. He joined a small financial firm in Binghamton, NY while attending college and learned the basics of financial wellness and wealth strategies. He joined Edward Jones in 2018. While in financial study with Edward Jones, Dan met a Financial Advisor from Winchester, VA who asked him if he would be willing to move to VA and start his own practice from scratch. Dan took the leap and moved to Lexington, VA in January of 2019. In October of 2021, he opened his own financial practice in Buena Vista, VA. Dan's focus is to help people become confident in the financial decisions they make. He believes financial success is always possible in any situation with a little help and education.

In addition to his work as a Board member at United Way of Rockbridge Dan is supporting his community by working with Main Street Buena Vista and the Jaycees. His most gratifying, and sometimes challenging role is that of a son to his mother and father. His life passion is to give back to his parents, have them retire and live debt free in return for helping him achieve his goals.